What’s in a Speak2Go Lesson?


Teachers: Free Online Course about Speak2Go



Register for a free online course about Speak2Go and the methodology of teaching spoken English within the school framework. The course begins with an introductory webinar on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout October.

This is a great opportunity to see all the upgrades to Speak2Go and hear about the new activities for students as part of our Digital Learning Cycle.

This is the link for all Zoom meetings. When it is time to join your meeting, CLICK HERE:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2525445215?pwd=MVFHMWM2U0dlczJHMUd1QW1sakZhQT0 (Meeting ID: 252 544 5215, Passcode: 819118)


Please register with your Gmail to our Google Classroom. Class code: 2ptjbua

Lesson Catalogs for Teachers

Speak2Go plans are supported by a full Catalog that works like the index of a book, listing units, lessons and lesson content. The Speak2Go Catalog helps you plan fun English lessons and integrate online speech practice. To assign a Speak2Go lesson, tell your students which Unit and which Lesson to complete – exactly as you would assign a task in a book.