What’s in a Speak2Go Lesson?


Teaching Spoken English with Speak2Go

Speak2Go offers a program designed to teach Spoken English using smartphones and computers. It serves as a valuable supplementary tool to assist teachers in their instruction.


Students enjoy the flexibility to practice with Speak2Go, whether in the classroom or from the comfort of their homes. The program provides comprehensive coverage of English language proficiency, catering to various levels, starting from pre-foundation pre-reading oral skills up to the Bagrut COBE and BOOST exams.


This platform encompasses all aspects of spoken language. Lessons comprise an introductory video, vocabulary enhancement, speech practice, listening comprehension, and a summarization assignment.


Speak2Go supports differentiated teaching by offering speech lessons at various levels to accommodate students with different abilities. 


For educators, Speak2Go provides a convenient Lesson Catalog, which functions as an index, listing units, lessons, and their respective content. This catalog empowers teachers to plan engaging English lessons and seamlessly integrate online speech practice. Furthermore, the catalog includes many links to valuable resources for each lesson.


Speak2Go is compatible with the Ministry of Education curriculum and Bands. It is approved as Language Learning Environment  סת-7045 and available as learning plan in the Gefen.


The Speak2Go Control Panel allows teachers to monitor and manage student activity effectively. The Control Panel provides progress reports, student grades, and enables teachers to listen to students’ free speech recordings. Additionally, coordinators and principals can oversee class progress.


How to assign a Speak2Go lesson to students?

Currently we don’t have a dedicated functionality to allocate and trace speech lessons as assignments. It is under development and we hope to have it soon.
We have 2 options: 

a) Instruct your students to complete a specific Unit and Lesson, just as you would with a traditional textbook.

b) Enter the speech lesson in and copy its URL. Then distribute it to your students.
In order to do the lesson, the students must log in to the system using Uniform Identification
( הזדהות אחידה) and only then click the link.

In both cases the students’ performance will appear on the Speak2Go control panel.

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