Speak2Go Pre-Foundation Oral Skills

The Speak2Go Pre-Foundation Oral Skills program is dedicated to the initial stages of oral and aural development. Its primary objective is to introduce young ESL students, ranging from Year 2 to Year 4, to the sounds and basic vocabulary of the English language before they embark on formal reading and writing instruction.

In Speak2Go, young students are fully immersed in the language through a variety of sensory experiences and learning modes. They actively participate in listening and speaking activities, watch engaging videos, view images, and enjoy interactive games.

Students are introduced to sight words, phrases, English letter shapes and their corresponding sounds. 

It’s worth noting that formal assessments or explicit teaching of the ABC letters are not part of the curriculum, as the primary focus is on creating a fun and immersive learning environment.


Initial vocabulary

The acquisition of foundational vocabulary is a critical step in preparing for early literacy development. In this context, we assume that students have not yet been introduced to the ABC letters. Consequently, word acquisition is facilitated through sight words rather than traditional reading instruction.


How will it work?

The Speak2Go Pre-Foundation Oral Skills plan combines teacher-led instruction in the classroom with individual speech practice for students using computers and smartphones. It is designed to be an enjoyable activity for children, both during the school day and at home.

Since English teachers are not typically available in the early years of elementary school, this product can be operated by regular (non-English) teachers or by Speak2Go Ltd tutors through the 34340 Gefen plan.

For a one-year plan, you have the option to either conduct two lessons per week or hold a weekly lesson in the classroom while assigning homework to the students for speech practice using Speak2Go.


Pedagogical approach and writers

The product was collaboratively developed by highly experienced writers and teachers. 

Our primary objective in designing this product is to ensure effective learning for the students. To achieve this, we have created concise and enjoyable lessons that incorporate built-in recycling and repetition for every foundational subject.