Speak2Go Products

Speak2Go products support learning and practicing spoken English. 


Speak2Go caters to various sectors and educational types in Israel, including ממלכתי (secular), ממלכתי דתי (religious), חרדי (ultra-Orthodox), חינוך מיוחד (special education), and מזרח ירושלים (East Jerusalem). It covers Elementary, Junior High, and High School levels, providing comprehensive preparation for COBE and BOOST for both Hebrew and Arabic-speaking students.


The catalog of each product, shows the topics, language level, activities, and vocabulary used in a lesson.


In all Speak2Go activities, students  work through a series of activities:

  •     a. Review and practice of vocabulary using flashcards in Quizlet
  •     b. Speaking and pronunciation practice of words and sentences
  •     c. Simulation of a conversation and /or audio comprehension
  •     d. Game play, for another layer of recycling
  •     e. Summary of progress. (Some lessons also include a Google Form assessment test).

Speak2Go Full Product for Schools

These products complement the work of the teacher and are intended for Y2 through to Y12, including preparation for the COBE – Computerized Oral Bagrut Exam and BOOST (3-points). The products have the approval of the Ministry of Education, סת -7045 and available as approved plans in the Gefen גפן.

Teachers can incorporate speech lessons into school hours, or give speech practice as homework. Practicing speaking as homework actually increases the number of English hours a student has each week and improves language acquisition.

The products include intensive training for teachers .