Speak2Go Products

Speak2Go’s products support learning and practicing English, by phone and computer.
Students practice all aspects of spoken English to support classroom learning, at school and at home. Our products are divided into three groups:

 1) Speak2Go for School Study – products for Y4-Y12

 2) Speak2Go for Remote Learning – for Elementary, Middle and High School

3) “Learn English for Fun” – Talan (additional curriculum) in preparation for learning English in Elementary School.


All products are connected to the Speak2Go Control Panel to allow the teacher/manager to view the activity and achievements of every student.


All Speak2Go products are built on the same structure:

a. Review and practice of vocabulary using flashcards in Quizlet

b. Speaking and pronunciation practice of words and sentences

c. Simulation of a conversation and /or audio comprehension practice

d. Game play

e. Summary of progress

f. In many classes there is also an assessment test to check the student’s level of understanding.
The Test Transition Score is 80%. Students who practice with Speak2Go – know how to Speak English!


The catalogs attached to each product, show for each lesson, the topics, language level, activities, and vocabulary used.
Every word or phrase (lexical chunks) is practiced at least 5 times through speaking – which is a significant cognitive action – and word recycling. Often, the meaning of a word or phrase is absorbed by the student and transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Speak2Go for School

These products complement the work of the teacher and are intended for Y4 through to Y12, including preparation for the matriculation exam in spoken English, COBE – Computerized Oral Bagrut Exam.
The products have the approval of the Ministry of Education Language Learning Software, סת -7045.

Teachers can incorporate speech lessons into school hours, or give speech practice as homework.

Practicing speaking as homework actually increases the number of English hours a student has each week and improves language acquisition.

The products include an intensive tutorials  for teachers, in all classes and training of computer managers.


Lesson Catalog Speak2Go for School

Remote Learning

Remote Learning products can be divided into three stages of learning: Elementary, Junior High, and High School.
These products contain a wide range of levels, so that the teacher can give assignments to each student at their own level.

There are a number of characteristics unique to remote learning lessons:
A. lessons are shorter, to student’s working at home in isolation
B. lessons contain a video that is an introduction to the practice
C. All classes have a concluding exam, an Assessment Test, that the student must do to progress. The results are reported in the Teacher’s Control Panel.



Lesson Catalog Remote Learning


Learn English for Fun – תל”ן

תוכנית לימודים נוספת – Talan is intended for grades 1 to 3 in Elementary School. This program takes into account that students do not yet know how to read.
The activities in the lessons are based on visual work, speech practice and listening to English. 

For more details
The Talan syllabus is spread over three years, at the end of which, the student knows about 400 words and phrases in English.
Creating such a broad and solid foundation makes the students love and excel in English. The
Talan is delivered by a Speak2Go instructor who brings notepads/tablets to each lesson for the students to work on.


Lesson Catalog For Talan