Speak2Go Products

Speak2Go products support learning and practicing spoken English. 

In the Speak2Go Control Panel teachers/managers can view the activity and progress of each student.

Students  work through a series of activities: 

a. Review and practice of vocabulary using flashcards in Quizlet

b. Speaking and pronunciation practice of words and sentences

c. Simulation of a conversation and /or audio comprehension

d. Game play, for another layer of recycling

e. Summary of progress. (Some lessons also include a Google Form assessment test).


The catalog of each product, shows the topics, language level, activities, and vocabulary used in a lesson.

Speak2Go Full Product for Schools

These products complement the work of the teacher and are intended for Y4 through to Y12, including preparation for the COBE – Computerized Oral Bagrut Exam.
The products have the approval of the Ministry of Education, סת -7045.

Teachers can incorporate speech lessons into school hours, or give speech practice as homework.

Practicing speaking as homework actually increases the number of English hours a student has each week and improves language acquisition.

The products include intensive tutorials for teachers and training of computer managers.