Speak2Go BOOSTs 3 pointers speaking skills

The Bagrut Online Oral Skills Test (BOOST) is an English oral computerized exam for 3 points students. The exam is at A2 Level and it is based on Band 1 Core 1 and Core 2 and Band 2 Core 1 vocabulary. 

The exam has 4 parts: 1) Choosing responses 2) Response to spoken texts 3)Talking about yourself 4) Tell the story presented in the pictures. Full details are presented in the MOE’s Material For Boost document.

Speak2Go BOOST product

The Speak2Go BOOST product focuses on enhancing students’ English speaking abilities gradually and boosting their confidence to speak.

With Speak2Go students practice the speaking skills individually from phones or laptops and are immersed in English. This involves saying the words and  sentences, and receiving feedback on pronunciation. Following this, students engage in dialogues and move on to fully productive free speech. The practice includes games and it is a fun experience for the students.


Speak2Go BOOST enhances and improves students’ proficiency in all the assessed criteria of the exam: 

 – Task coverage (85%): Completion of tasks, Topic relevance, Intelligibility of speech and Fluency

 – Language Use (15%): Vocabulary and Language structure


The Speak2Go BOOST product consists of two main components:

1) The program provides a set of short and focused speech lessons that address topics relevant to exams and help students to Talk About Themselves as required in Part 3.

   – Topics that have already been covered comprise Family, Hometown/Neighborhood, School/Education, Free-time Activities, and Future Plans.

   – Soon, we will be covering additional topics, such as Sports/Games, Food/Meals, Weather/Seasons, Objects/Possessions, Jobs/Skills, and Animals.

2) Preparing the student gradually to Tell A Story Presented In Pictures as required in Part 4.

And what about practicing BOOST part 1 and Part 2 ?

Part 1 focuses on testing the understanding of expressions and their context, while Part 2 tests listening comprehension skills. Since neither part requires speech production, we recommend practicing them on Natalia’s website.

Part 1 – Choosing Responses Practice
Part 2 – Listening to a Text Practice 


Speak2go prepares the 3 point students for the oral exam. 

Once they are ready it is recommended to let them practice a full simulation of the exam.
Simulations for full exams can be found here: BOOST simulations 


Struggling students

Three-pointers are students who are struggling academically, and some of them are defined as non-readers. 

Speak2Go recommends a specialized product called ‘Preparing for Intermediate’ for these students. This product teaches basic vocabulary through auditory channels and speech practice.
With Speak2Go’s ‘Preparing for Intermediate,’ students experience success, gain confidence in their ability to speak English, and change their attitude towards the English language.

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