Teaching Spoken English within the School

הקלטה של מפגש זום בנושא התוכניות של Speak2Go באנגלית דבורה בגפן

For the coming school year, Speak2Go is proud to introduce an innovative method of teaching spoken English, The Digital Learning Cycle.


This new program includes intensive digital activities which students enjoy practicing with.


Speak2Go provides full support through the year; we train teachers and students, and provide a complete learning plan.


The Speak2Go Digital Learning Program can be purchased through the school’s pedagogical budget / self-management (“Green” program number 7233 in the program database).


Speak2Go is a web application for teaching Spoken English in school from smartphones and computers. It is a complementary tool that supports teachers. 


Speak2Go covers all aspects of spoken language. Each lesson consists of an introductory video, vocabulary enrichment, speech practice, a listening comprehension and a summary assignment.


Speak2Go is personalised, so it fits the level and progress of each student, building the confidence to speak English.  Due to its interactive digital nature, students find Speak2Go refreshing, easy to use and fun. 


Speak2Go is for Elementary, Junior High and High School, including comprehensive preparation for COBE. It supports the different levels of student ability in class and hence supports differential teaching.


The Speak2Go Control Panel allows teachers to monitor and control student activity. The Control Panel reports progress, student grades and enables teachers to listen to students’ free speech recordings. Additionally, coordinators and principles can monitor class progress.

Game changer

Game Changer

Speak2Go overcomes the high teacher to student ratio in class. Students can learn to speak English in school and at home.

Choice of Levels

A choice of programs that progress with you, from new English learners to improving conversational skills

Mobile App

Speak2Go is mobile. It has a clear user interface that is interactive, fun and encourages practice – anywhere, anytime!


Speak2Go guides each student according to their needs and monitors progress – regardless of background or level.

Private Tutor

Speak2Go behaves like a one-on-one personal speech tutor, building confident language skills and clear speech.

Hear a Native!

We only work with native speakers, so every word and sentence you hear is spoken by a natural English speaker.