Speak2Go + Speakathon + You = FUN!

Our goal tonight… 

to build a Speak2Go based  English speaking experience that is easy for teachers and fun, fun, fun for students

Welcome to Speak2Go!

Speak2Go is a unique speech processing technology that teaches spoken English, working from computers and phones in the classroom and at home! 


To get better understaniding of Speak2Go we suggest a free Signup on the top-right corner of this page.


We are looking forward to working with you, to “thinking out of the box” 🤔and to putting some of your great ideas into the Speak2Go platform – UX, content, format, feedback, gaming… Our goal is to create a fun to use Speak2Go lesson that we can demonstrate at the Speakathon.


Over 40,000 students are already working with Speak2Go in classes across Israel, listening to a narrator,  speaking, hearing themselves and receiving feedback on everything they speak. Students learn on their own with a headset and microphone. What they practice and learn, supports classroom content.

In the Speakathon, Speak2Go is participating in the UPGRADE path and suggests its technology as the foundation and a tool for great ideas to come true.

So, let’s explore the Speak2Go structure and understand what building blocks are available to Speak2Go Speakthon’s teams.

How Speak2Go works?

Speak2Go is all about speaking English. No mouse clicks, no drag and drop – only speech. 

Speak2Go is a web based application that runs on the cloud.


The application is built from Products, which comprise of Units, which comprise of Lessons.


Each lesson can have one or more of the following:

– Introduction Video

– Words

Speak sentences 

Listening comprehension

Conversation dialog


– Related Quizlet study set


Creation of lessons is possible in real time with a couple of clicks 👏.

What can we do together at the Speakathon? 

The short answer is everything!


Teams can create Products, Units of Lessons, and embed them with any subject, content or media 👏.


Download the full Lesson Creator Guide


The Speak2Go team will comprise 4 of our hardworking team who are on hand to help,  support and implement any of your ideas 💡. 

Please don’t limit yourself. Just fly with your creativity as high as you can 🚀🚀🚀! 

Technical info

Speak2Go is implemented in a client server architecture.

Our technologies are Node.JS, Angular 8, MongoDB.

In Speaktone we are willing to give developers access to our source code.

Developer’s kit and access credentials for our Git can be provided by Kfir Adam kfir@speak2go.com 052-5445215.