All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speak2Go is a complementary end-to-end teaching solution that embeds English textbook content into interactive, online speech practice lessons.

Teachers create speech lessons from the class curriculum that are uploaded to the cloud, and made available as a mobile app for students to practice.
Lessons mirror classroom teaching and drive students to answer questions through speech, NOT clicks or typing.
Speak2Go immerses ESL students in spoken English and overcomes the high teacher to student ratio in classes that limits speaking practice.

How it works

Speak2Go is an online resource that enables English teachers/educators/publishers, to create speech practice lessons that support classroom learning.
Then, lessons are embedded in a fun mobile app including:

  • Word pronunciation
  • Speaking full sentences
  • Responding to a listening comprehension
  • Holding a conversation.


Speak2Go behaves like a personal tutor to every student at an affordable price.
Speak2Go teaches all the critical aspects of pronunciation, phonology and stress. It gives personalized feedback for each student and builds the ability to speak English with confidence.
Behind this innovative methodology, there is a unique speech processing technology that gives each student feedback of unprecedented quality

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