Remote learning by Whatsapp

Speak2Go, Remote learning of Spoken English with WhatsApp

Here you will find a list of lessons for Remote Learning of Spoken English with Whatsapp. Lessons are operated with a single WhatsApp message and students can practice all the activities from their phone or laptop.


The magic will happen in 3 simple steps:

1 ) Select and open a link in the table below

2 ) Copy and paste the content of the message to your class WhastApp group

3) Send the WhatApp message


Sit back and relax (alternatively you can enjoy listening to the Pink Floyd inspiring song) ….  whilst your students
enjoy a wealth of fun and attractive digital learning activities.

Students report the completion of assignments in the Whatsapp class group.


Additionally, you can monitor your student’s speech practice and progress through the Speak2Go control panel:

– Go to

– Login using the Ministry ‘Owl’ icon,  with your credentials

– Select the Teacher/Coordinator option on the right top menu of the page.

Table of Lessons and Whatsapp Messages

Note: This table is best viewed on a large screen. If you are viewing it from your mobile, please scroll right & down to see all the columns.