How it works

Express Speak converts your presentation into a speech practice lesson

Simply, take your own presentation (in .pptx format) and upload it to Express Speak. Express Speak will create a speech practicing lesson for you. Now you can practice your speech sentence-by-sentence and Express Speak will provide you feedback on the crucial sounds.

While rehearsing your presentation with Express Speak,  you improve it each time you practice. Till your speech will become fluent and clear.

Studies show that the Express Speak methodology of listening, reading aloud, and getting feedback is the best way to improve speech. This methodology trains your brain to recognize and pronounce the sounds of the English language properly.

Express Speak’s innovative technology learns your voice profile and adapt itself for your needs and level.


Express Speak personalization

After you practice a certain amount of words, Express Speak’s innovative technology will learn your voice profile and then it can adapt itself to you.

Once Express Speak has your voice profile, your grades will be personalized to your level. It means that you will get feedback on your improvement and not on your absolute pronunciation level.  So, from that point, the improvement will always be within your reach. The more you practice the better you will be!

Additionally, Express Speak gives focused pronunciation lessons on its dashboard. These lessons will teach and improve the sounds that are most difficult for you.

The good news are that beside training you for your next presentation, all the improvements in your English speaking skills will retain forever