Hishtalmut השתלמות מורים

WORKSHOP: developing digital speech practice lessons

February 2nd, with Kfir, Caroline and Yael Sharon
The Course, Introduction to Speak2Go, Teaching with Technology


February 22nd, with Dr. Miri Yochanna
Working on Speaking English in Class


Speak2Go is a tool for teaching and learning spoken English, using computers and mobile phones, at school and at home. . .

Speaking and listening are the natural ways to absorb language. The software allows each student to practice speaking and listening interactively, as in a language lab, enriching English. .


Teachers know best how to help their students improve, so we are offering an exciting opportunity to join an advanced training course where you will develop your own Speak2Go lessons for your students. . You will cover topics like: how speech helps in the absorption of the English language, building attractive lessons, running a successful computer-based lesson and developing speech lessons.


The course is 30 hours long and recognised for credits. . The training is conducted entirely remotely and has 5 synchronous sessions in Zoom and practical assignments, (for teachers participating in the Challenge, some of these hours will be counted). .