3.3 Heatwave - Lesson Plan

Lesson name: 3.3 Heatwave

Topic: Weather

Level: CEFR B1, Band II (Intermediate)

Grammar: Past Simple, Present Simple, Positives & Negatives

Language Development: Pronouns, Nouns 

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Tips and suggested activities
  • Split into pairs and describe the pictures using the new vocabulary.
  • Which is better? Now work in groups of four. Pair off so that one pair are famers and one pair are on holiday. Debate how the hot weather affects you. Explain how you feel during a heatwave.
  • Quizlet Live – a great way to get the whole class involved and enjoy a fun activity.


Lesson Content 


heatwave – certainly – hottest – extreme – not pleasant – destroy – several – worried – strange – fields


Speak sentences

1.There is a heatwave in Europe. It’s hot!

2.It is certainly hotter than usual.

3.It’s the hottest summer, but it’s cool indoors.

4.The extreme heat is not pleasant.

5.It’s strange for it to be so hot outside.

6.Several farmers are worried about their fields.

7.The heat destroys their fields.

8.We hope some plants make it.



They had a heatwave in Europe this summer. The temperature was extremely high. It was hot and then it got even hotter. It was one of the hottest summers on record. The weather was not pleasant for anyone and it became dangerous. The extreme heat dried out the earth. It was drier than any other year. Many farmers suffered because their fields were destroyed. People did not leave their homes because it was dangerous to be outside. There were fires in the forests. This extreme heat was a disaster for many parts of Europe.


1.Where was the heatwave?

2.What does, ‘hottest summer on record’ mean?

3.Why did the heat cause a problem for the farmers?

4.Why was it dangerous to be outside?

5.Why do you think the extreme heat was a disaster?



Will the extreme heat destroy the fields?

      1.Certainly, the farmers are worried .

      2.No, but the dry weather can.

What advice can you give me to stay cool?

      1.If you are worried, stay indoors.

      2.Heat rises, so stay down low.

It is not pleasant to be outside in the heat!

      1.I think the hottest days are the best.

      2.Certainly, I agree that it’s not pleasant.

It is strange that the weather is very dry.

      1.I agree it is strange, but I like dry weather.

      2.Certainly not! Heat does not cause rain.




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